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Housing Services

Our Rapid Re-Housing Program empowers homeless individuals to move out of homelessness quickly. Assistance may include: rental deposits; short-term rental payments; utility deposits; and extensive case management services. Case managers work closely with clients to develop and implement a housing plan to ensure they remain housed and access other public benefits. Through this program, clients are stabilized in housing and assisted comprehensively to help ensure they do not face homelessness again.

Moving House
If someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact our office.


Services Provided
  • Financial assistance – short - medium term rental assistance for rent and security deposits

  • Housing relocation and stabilization – outreach, housing search and placement

  • Ongoing Home-based Case Management

  • Life-skills training, including household management and budgeting

  • Supported employment service referrals


  • Employability skills training and referrals

  • Referrals to the community for services and supports

  • Identification of transportation through existing providers

  • Connection with Medicaid, Social Security and Food Stamp services

  • Referrals to individualized rental education/counseling and post-renter counseling

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