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Addressing the unique needs of homeless

Outreach - Shelter - Housing

How Can I Contribute?

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Partner with us and give monetarily toward our general balance, fund specific needs, or donate needed items.

Partner with us to provide important services to our community. 

Progress in

172 individuals placed into permanent housing from homelessness

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35 adults and 52 children

86 adults and 86 children

87 people received shelter, food, and services at our Lighthouse shelter

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Services Anchor

Community Feedback

"I have been involved with The Outreach Center for over 15 years because I believe in the mission of helping individuals and families regain their dignity by providing interim housing, counseling and support services, and eventually transitioning them into permanent housing. For me, my involvement over the years supports my desire to give back, and my investment has been rewarded many times over by doing so."

Bob Giles

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