Rapid Re-Housing

Our Rapid Re-Housing Program empowers homeless individuals to move out of homelessness quickly. Assistance may include: rental deposits; short-term rental payments; utility deposits; and extensive case management services. Case managers work closely with clients to develop and implement a housing plan to ensure they remain housed and access other public benefits. Through this program, clients are stabilized in housing and assisted comprehensively to help ensure they do not face homelessness again.

Who is eligible?

Individuals or Families who

  1. are living in an emergency shelter

  2. may be living in a place not meant for human habitation

  3. have no appropriate subsequent housing options identified

  4. lack financial resources and support networks needed to obtain or remain in housing

Five Basic Eligibility Criteria (additional criteria may apply)

  1. Homeless or facing homelessness within 14 days

  2. Household income limits determined by family size

  3. No other housing options or financial resources that would allow you to find or keep housing

  4. Lafayette, Iberia, Vermilion, St. Martin, or St. Landry Parish resident and U.S. citizen or qualified resident alien

  5. Photo ID (for all adults in household)

Seven Basic Required Forms of Documentation (additional requirements may apply)

  1. Certification of Homelessness document*

  2. Proof of income

  3. Photo ID (for all adults in household)

  4. Social Security Card (for all household members)

  5. Financial plan on maintaining housing after this rental assistance is received

  6. Assessment with a case worker and participation in an ongoing housing plan

  7. Additional documentation to support extenuating circumstances and need may be necessary as required by funding source

*Applicants will receive and complete this document in person with their case manager.

How to Apply

1) Screen yourself to determine whether you think you may meet basic eligibility requirements.

2) Start the application process by calling (337) 289-9141 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays, to speak with a program representative.

3) If you appear likely to be eligible, a face to face interview with a case manager will be scheduled to complete a Coordinated Entry assessment.

4) Please note that all applicants may not qualify.  All funds approved are sent by check directly to the vendor.

**If you are with an agency and would like to refer a client for our Rapid Rehousing program.  Please click here for our referral form and instructions.**

Services Provided:

  • Financial assistance – short - medium term rental assistance for rent and security deposits

  • Housing relocation and stabilization – outreach, housing search and placement

  • Ongoing Home-based Case Management

  • Life-skills training, including household management and budgeting

  • Supported employment service referrals

  • Employability skills training and referrals

  • Referrals to the community for services and supports

  • Identification of transportation through existing providers

  • Connection with Medicaid, Social Security and Food Stamp services

  • Referrals to individualized rental education/counseling and post-renter counseling

All program participants must have an initial consultation with a case manager and must agree to be re-evaluated monthly by their case manager.

What Rapid Rehousing does not provide:

  • General rental assistance to non-program participants

  • Utility assistance

  • Mortgage assistance

  • Assistance to those who are already receiving subsidy from other programs

  • Phone or cable assistance

Funding Contingency:  If funding for these programs are reduced or eliminated, the programs themselves will also be reduced or eliminated.

Lighthouse Family Shelter:

We provide warm beds and daily meals for up to 28 individuals and children at any given time.

Families with minor children in need of shelter can stay at The Outreach Center up to 12 months and are supported and guided in rebuilding their lives back to self-sufficiency. Through our comprehensive services we work to provide positive outcomes for our residents.

Services include:

  • Extensive Case Management

  • Basic Needs: Food, shelter, laundry, clothing

  • Permanent Housing Solutions

  • Transportation

  • Referrals for Medical or Mental Health Appointments

  • Employment Assistance

  • Life Skills, Child Care, Medication and other Supports

I am truly grateful for this opportunity for a new beginning. Without The Outreach Center, my son and I would be on the streets. I am grateful for being able to regain my independence and being able to save money for our own home.
— Syrena

What We've Achieved

In 2018 Outreach Center's Lighthouse Shelter served 180 individuals and children, giving them shelter and supportive services.  We provided over over 16,000 meals and over 5,475 nights of warm safe beds, and over 7,500 hours of case management support services.

A look at who we served:

  • 36% were victims of domestic violence or sexual assault

  • 35% had a mental illness

  • 21% had a physical disability

and despite these challenges, 94% of our residents move into permanent housing of their own within a couple of weeks...they just needed a little help to get back on their feet.