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The Outreach Center has given me my life back. Had I not come here, I would be dead.
— Lisa W., former resident and program graduate

My son and I had no place to go but the Outreach Center was there for us. Now we have a roof over our heads and a much brighter future.
— Wendy, former resident and program graduate

I have had the opportunity to be at a couple of graduations and listened to the graduates reflect back on their experiences at the Outreach Center. I heard testimonies of success, of personal growth, and of change in women; that without the Outreach Center would be lost to their addictions. These graduates spoke about how the Outreach Center has helped them open the doors of their minds and how they have begun a journey of exploration and realization of what is possible, both for them and for their families. Also, I was impressed with the community support and how complete strangers went out of their way to support the Outreach Center. I believe the Outreach Center exceptionally represents all that is good in the helping field. I developed enormous respect for the Outreach Center’s dedication to their work. It is and has been a privilege to work and serve our clients together with the Outreach Center. I have absolute confidence in the Outreach Center Treatment Program; knowing that the our clients are in skilled hands.
— Bonnie Fortson, Lafourche Parish Drug Court

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Drugs and alcohol destroyed my life, but the Outreach Center was there for me and now I’m clean and sober....thank you Outreach Center!
— Brandy M, former resident and program graduate

The Outreach Center has played a critical role in working with the Family Preservation Court and has assisted many of our clients in gaining the valuable skills necessary to become better parents and employable members of society.”
— Jacob Corbell, Program Director, Family Preservation Court 15th JDC