The Outreach Center's Leadership Council is a very special diverse group of women in our community concerned about making a difference in the lives of women and children.

The goal of this group is to meet bi-annually to:

  • Create an ongoing dialogue of woman's related issues and solutions
  • Be an advocate for our mission and organization
  • Volunteer to assist us with special projects and fundraisers when able


Leadership Council Members:

  • Jeanne Fernandez - RAC at Acadiana Area Human Services District
  • Patty Naomi - Owner, Paul's Fine Jewelry
  • Darce' Byrd - Program Coordinator, 15th JDC Family Preservation Court
  • Jamie Desormeaux - Mom, Community Supporter
  • Dr. Kristin Plauche' - Owner Lafayette Veterinary Care Center
  • Karen Juneau - Physical Therapist, Founder of Sky's the Limit
  • Laurie James - Master Career Director,
  • Deborah Patin - Office Manager, Landmark Church
  • Amy Hauser - Mom, Community Supporter
  • Andree' Peltier - Artist, Volunteer
  • Sylvia Louviere - Volunteer
  • Mary Loftin - Director of Programs at The Outreach Center
  • Jessica Bailey - Development Director at The Outreach Center


If you are interested in being a part of this group, please email Jill at