We need your help to end homelessness.

Having landlords and property management companies as community partners is vital to our goal of ending homelessness in Acadiana. 

Our community partners provide a link between households experiencing homelessness and landlords with vacant rental units.  We offer individuals and families help with accessing permanent housing, signing leases, moving into apartments, and case management services to help people stabilize and maintain permanent housing.  At the same time, we offer landlords some financial guarantees, a rapid response to their concerns, and a case manager to serve as a point-of-contact when any issues or concerns arise. 

Are you willing to rent to households with rental barriers such as a past eviction, criminal background, or bad credit often due to extenuating circumstances such as an illness, divorce, or another unfortunate situation?  If so, will you consider partnering with us?

Benefits of Working With Us:

•   Assistance in filling your vacant units.  Never pay for advertising again!

•   On-time payment of rent and payment of security deposits

•   Case management support for formerly homeless residents

•   Home visits from the resident’s case manager

This short, compelling video shows the remarkable physical transformations that often take place when people move from homelessness to housing. There is no more convincing argument for permanent housing than these powerful before and after photos of people who have been housed by participating communities across the country.  - See more at: http://100khomes.org/

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Do you have open rental units that you would like to fill AND help individuals and families experiencing homelessness at the same time?

Specifically, are you interested in helping us achieve our goals to end homelessness in Acadiana?

Or are you just interested to learn more about how we can work together?

Please complete this form, and a housing Case Manager will contact you about how you can be involved in helping house individuals and families experiencing homelessness. You can also tell us about the unit(s) you own/manage.


Q: What specifically are you asking me to do?    

A: We would like to work with you on locating affordable housing and possibly easing some of the eligibility criteria for individuals and families we are trying to help move into permanent housing.  Of course, the landlord always has the discretion to approve each individual applicant.

Q: What will happen if I have any problems with the new tenant?    

A: Clients we are working with will have a case manager who will check in with the resident and work on any issues that arise. The goal is to assist people to remain stably housed. You will know the case manager and have her/his phone number. 

Q: Why is it hard for people who are homeless to find housing?  

A: People transitioning from homelessness often cannot access permanent housing because of financial barriers, poor credit, a prior eviction, previous involvement with the criminal justice system, or other issues, even if they have a housing voucher or sufficient income to pay rent.  


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