Palates and Pate'

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Palates & Pate', the largest annual benefit for the Outreach Center, is a feast for the senses and includes amazing art, fantastic cuisine and incredible entertainment.

The Gala event pairs distinguished regional artists with premier area chefs. The artists / chef teams collaborate to create a unique piece of art and a signature dish that reflects the artwork.

The art is auctioned at the event and the food is enjoyed by all. The auction also includes exclusive vacations and once-in-a-lifetime adventure packages to exotic locales. Each year hundreds of guests vie for a table at the event, where they can expect extravagance in every way. Palates has secured its reputation as being the social event of the season!

Please email Jill Meaux  or Click Here for sponsorship information.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

at Le Pavillon.  1913 Kaliste Saloom Rd., in Lafayette

Doors open at 7:00pm

Attire:  Cocktail

To Benefit:  The hundreds of low income and homeless individuals and families that we serve.  All money raised stays right here in Acadiana to help us further our mission of ending homelessness.  Thank you for your generous support.

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Back by popular demand! 
World renowned speed painter / performance artist Michael Israel appearing live at Palates and Pate' 2018

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Michael Israel is an American humanitarian and performance artist who is world-renowned for his live action paintings that have raised millions for charity. Israel’s performances are often referred to as a “Cirque De Soleil meets Picasso” experience.

Although Michael began creating his art to music professionally in 1974, it was just how he painted and not meant as a show in itself.  Michael says “it is Denny Dent who brought performing portraits to music into the public eye in the 80’s.” Since then many new artists have emulated or at least attempted to emulate the concept and method. Following are some of the significant differences and innovations in media, craftsmanship, content, and social impact that can be attributed solely to Michael Israel.

Israel began his performance career painting on large format paper for economic reasons. As his work sold for more he transitioned to traditional primed artist’s canvas that is hand-stretched over a wooden frame, except that his canvasses were primed with black gesso instead of the traditional white. His method of painting consists of defining realistic tones, blending, and shading with a 3-dimensional quality. He was the first artist and as far as it is known, only live action artist to create live works using a special chroma technique that causes images to appear to come out of the canvas in virtual reality when using 3-D glasses. He was also the pioneer to create an easel to spin his canvases so he could paint them while they are spinning and at impossible angles. His works have been created on all shapes and sizes of canvas including multiple canvases then put together as a puzzle, vehicles, boats, aircrafts, and live models and dancers. Israel has created works on metal with sparks flying and on glass that he later shattered to create an impactful reveal where yet another painting instantly appeared. He was the first to paint a 16-ft painting that disappeared in a puff of pyro smoke in an arena with eight thousand people. Israel was also the first to perform live spinning paintings on a trampoline also the first and only to craft the 360 Dreamcatcher performance. The first and only to paint on a moving platform towed in figurine circles around the Mohegan Sun ice area in Connecticut by 16 skaters.

Often times Israel incorporates icons, logos and scenery into his work to communicate various messages. In fact he has created many original images with significant messages and cultural impact that has garnered the attention of millions.He uses individual and multiple artworks to communicate a story or mission that go beyond the canvas, Michael has created unique direct charity and corporate conscience business models that have generated millions of dollars and other support to empower charitable causes. Every event is notable and each has many side stories of note as well. We’ve chosen just a few that we feel the general readership will relate to. When asked his favorite, Michael always replies, “The next one!”

Co-Mistress of Ceremonies:  Renee Revett, Big 102.1 Morning Show Host

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Auctioneer:  Mr. Jimmy Atkins

Co-Mistress of Ceremonies:  Danielle Grossman, News15 anchor

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Up for Auction!

Custom Jewelry Piece from Paul's Jewelry. 

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"Our 2018 necklace “The Compass”. When you are lost, how do you find your way? How do you know which direction to turn? You need the unfailing help of a compass. This year's necklace is a stunning representation of a golden compass. Like The Outreach Center, it gives help to the lost and illuminates a path to follow".

Jacob, Patty, Nancy, and PJ Naomi.

Jacob, Patty, Nancy, and PJ Naomi.