Did you know we provided Street Outreach Services?  Street Outreach Services  is a street-based outreach program offering essential supplies, crisis intervention, and referrals for individuals or families living outdoors. We meet clients where they are, quite literally, to offer hope and services.  If you'd like to help, we are collecting:

Ziplock bags
Beef Jerky
Small bottles of sunscreen
Gatorade drink mixes (single use that you put in water bottles)

If you think you see someone you think may be interested in our services, or if you spot an encampment in town, please call or text our Outreach Hotline at (337) 541-3781


Got a call from a lady yesterday that was living here:

camp 2.jpg

so our outreach team hopped in the van and found Ms. Gina.  She had very few belongings and the first question she asked us was if we had food at the shelter.  Food.  Yes Ms. Gina - we have all the food you want.  She's been staying here for several days and was scared, tired, and hungry.  We are providing her with a warm, safe place to lay her head while we work on finding her a permanent home of her own.  This is not adequate housing for any human.