Progress Update

Wanted to write a quick update on our new Rapid Re-housing initiative and how it's been going so far.  I'm pleased to report that in the short time we've been doing this (21 days!) we have moved....drum roll please....7 adults and 11 children out of cars, emergency shelters, and the woods to their own apartments!!!!  Signing leases and having people hug you because they finally have a stable place to lay their head is so unbelievably fun and very rewarding. 

A big part of this project is continuing to provide case management and supports to these families in their homes so we have 2 staff members dedicated to making home visits to continue working with these clients to help them increase their income, make sure kiddos have what they need, and connect them with additional community resources.

A need:  Since most of these families are starting out with nothing we are seeingincreased need for household items:  dishes, plates, silverware, pots, pans, towels, hangers, beds, furniture, chairs...etc.  We give each of these families a 'household starter kit' of cleaning supplies but we don't have the other items to give. We are working on some local partnerships with area agencies so that will help but please keep us in mind next time you clean out your cabinets.  :)