Urgent Need

We just admitted a family with 3 children who have been living in a barn.  All 3 kids had no shoes or clothes.  We are in desperate need of:

  • Boy (age 10) clothes size 8 - 10, shoe size 3 1/2
  • Girl (age 11) clothes size 14-16, shoe size ladies 7 1/2
  • Girl (age 7) clothes size 6, shoe size 12-13.  (This little girl is also sad that they had to leave behind her boas and dress up clothes so any dress-up stuff is welcome too.



How prevalent is homelessness in Acadiana?

Every January homeless service providers across the country are tasked by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to conduct a census of people experiencing homelessness. The data is reported to Congress and provides an overview of the homelessness in the region, state, and the country as a whole. They call this census 'Point in Time' (as in, 'on any given point in time there are ____ number of people experiencing homelessness') and last year in our region, there were 463 total people experiencing homelessness and 112 of them were children.  Homelessness isn't always visible - especially child and family homelessness - so many people are surprised to hear that number is so high.  The good news is, the numbers are going down thanks to our community of service providers working together to end homelessness for good.  Click here to see the full report. 

Ladies who Lunch

We have a fundraising luncheon coming up THIS THURSDAY, May 18th and we would love to see you there.  There's only a few tickets left so please consider purchasing one today...All proceeds support the work we are doing to end homelessness.  Enjoy a delicious lunch at City Club, possibly win a prize or 2, and hear the entertaining George Graham talk about food, Louisiana culture, and maybe even his experience competing on the Food Network!

Thanks to our supporters: Paul's Jewelry and Acadiana Profile Magazine. 


Got a call from a lady yesterday that was living here:

camp 2.jpg

so our outreach team hopped in the van and found Ms. Gina.  She had very few belongings and the first question she asked us was if we had food at the shelter.  Food.  Yes Ms. Gina - we have all the food you want.  She's been staying here for several days and was scared, tired, and hungry.  We are providing her with a warm, safe place to lay her head while we work on finding her a permanent home of her own.  This is not adequate housing for any human.