Here are 14 ways you can help our shelter today!

1.  Adopt a room:  We have 7 rooms and each room as 4 beds.  When we get a new resident, we give them an initial supply of necessities so when you adopt a room, we ask that you provide all or some of the supplies for the 4 residents that live there. or click here for a complete list of necessities and room specific needs

  • 4 packs of toilet paper
  • 4 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and/or toothpaste
  • 1 lamp
  • 4 packs of hangers

Additional room needs include:

  • Nightstands/Dressers, Blinds, Bath Towels, Comforters, Lamps, Twin Size Sheets, Pillows  

Click here to contribute

2.  Host a food drive:  Collect canned goods at your church or place of business.  Click here for a list of needs.

3.  Clean out your pantry:  Donate that can of peas or chicken noodle soup you haven't eaten....someone here will! 

4.  Clean out your cabinets:  While we don't have much storage space, we can use small household items (for when our residents move into their own homes!). 

5.  Volunteer some time:  We love our volunteers!  Do you have a unique skill or talent?  Love yoga, or art, or even math?  Consider hosting a class or tutoring.  Contact us for more information!

6.  Organize a service day.  We often have projects or yard clean-ups that we could use help with.  Schedule a day of service for your team, business, family, and friends. 

7.  Like our Facebook page:  Keep up to date with our latest activities and success stories on Facebook.  Share, like, and invite others to our posts and events!

8.  Host a cleaning supplies drive - Think of everything you use to keep your house clean - now multiply that by 28!  We go through a lot of laundry soap, bleach, bathroom cleaner, cleanser..etc.  Consider dropping off a bucket of cleaning supplies!  Here's a list of what we need.

9.  Attend one of our fundraisers - Each year we have 2 - 3 really fun fundraising events...a golf tournament in the spring, a fancy gala in the fall....whatever your interest, consider buying tickets.

10.  Donate school supplies for our residents' children

11.  Send our residents a card - fun mail brightens everyone's day!  Mail our residents a card of encouragement and inspiration. 

12.  Make a financial contribution - Click here to make a donation online.

13.  Pray - We always love to be added to prayer lists.

14.  Share this list with your friends and family.